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Ozark West was established in 1976 in a little town of Yellville, Arkansas. At that time, it was known as "Ozark Country Oak".


In January 1990, the business moved to Tucson, Arizona. A name change dropped "Country Oak" and added "West" to make "Ozark West". People want to know the origin of the company name. They don't understand the combination of "Ozark" and "West". Now you know the rest of the story!


Since the beginning, Ozark West has come to be recognized as the premier designers and builders of the highest quality handcrafted cutting boards in America. Using only premium American hardwoods; Black Walnut and Wild Cherry.


On May 1, 2002 Ozark West turned another page in its history. The company changed hands for the first time. When this change occured, Ozark West started its relationship with Food Network. This relationship continues to grow today. On January 1, 2009, Ozark West discontinued to make all products, except for end grain walnut cutting boards and end grain cherry cutting boards which are the flagships of our company.


In August 2011, the company officially changed its name to "Cutting Board Gallery."


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