How To Care For Your Cutting Board


OZ Culinary Wood Conditioner by Cutting Board GalleryWhen board is first removed from box, buff out with clean dry cloth. The board was mineral oiled and conditioned before shipped. Before using, wipe off with wrung out soapy dish cloth or sponge. Your new Cutting Board Gallery End Grain Cutting Board is ready for use.

NEVER submerge cutting boards in sink of water - not even for a second!!! End Grain Wood is very porous and will soak up water, causing the cutting board to crack. Wipe with hot, wrung out soapy dish cloth and towel dry. DO NOT put any hot pans, or cans or anything metal on board. DO NOT put in dishwasher.


OZ Culinary Wood Oil by Cutting Board GalleryRegular Monthly Maintenance: Rub entire cutting board with CBG Food Safe Mineral Oil and let it soak in. Wipe off excess with a clean dry cloth. Finish off with CBG Fine Culinary Conditioner. This will leave a shiny wax barrier and help keep the mineral oil from dissipating. Let stand for 5-15 minutes before wiping off conditioner with a dry cloth or paper towel. Buff out to obtain a shiny finish. Never use vegetable based oils. They will go rancid over time and can cause a health hazard.

Wood products continue to live, breath, expand and contract as your environment changes. As your cutting boards acclimate, you may notice that the glue lines or wood fibers may rise. To make your cutting board feel like new again, rub the entire board with mineral oil. Use a finish sander and 320 wet/dry sandpaper, or apply hand pressure and sand in long strokes the length of the cutting board. The mineral oil acts as a lubricant and won’t clog the sandpaper. Wipe off the excel oil with a dry cloth or paper towel.

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