• Angela,

    My wife shocked when I gave here the new cherry board…what a great addition to a nice new kitchen. 
    Here is one picture.

    Thanks Again


    Chef Dad with his Maple/Walnut End Grain Cutting

  • Chef Dad with his Maple/Walnut End Grain Cutting
    Chef Dad's smile says it all!

  • Dave keeps adding more cutting boards to his collection.
    Soon he won't have any countertop left!
  • Good afternoon Angela,

    I wanted to take a second to thank you for the absolutely gorgeous cutting board you sent me. It arrived on Monday and I have been admiring it every day, as it is set up on the counter, ready for use at a moment’s notice. The craftsmanship and aesthetic value really make your products versatile as well as a work of art, something people in my profession LOVE. Or maybe it’s just me.  I can't decide what I want to make first on it; unfortunately, with school starting back up this week I haven't had any time to "play" at home. I have already taken several pictures of it on my phone and have been showing my classmates and all of them have been impressed and those who have come to my home are wowed when they see it. Thank you again Angela. I know my parents are working on a great website for you but if you have any other promotional material you would like me to pass along to people I meet, please let me know.

    Sincerely, Aaron

  • Thank You! BTW my cutting board is beautiful. So happy I went with Cutting Board Gallery!

    Nikki S.
  • Hi Angela,

    Thanks for filling my order! I love my cutting board!

    Have a wonderful day 

    Sue H.
  • Will the mineral oil and wood conditioner come in a delivery separate from the cutting board? I got the cutting board 2 days ago...LOVE IT! The oil and conditioner were not in the box.

    Thank You,
    J. Brown
  • Thanks, Angela! I have two of your fabulous cutting boards and love using them every day!

    P. Brown
  • I love my cutting board :)

    C. McBride
  • Your cutting boards are absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic functional art as well. GREAT AMERICAN MADE product!

    C. Sisung
  • I have had mine for 7 years now. With some upkeep it still looks just as beautiful as new! Love! Love! Love!!!

    Stacy N.A.
  • Love my board! Bought it 3 years ago and still looks brand new after lots of use! Worth every penny!

    R. Laursen
  • Angela,

    Absolutely LOVING my cutting boards! I'd like to order two more mineral oils and two more bees wax containers, if I may.

    Kind regards,
    John T.
  • This cutting board is awesome!!! i've been wanting it for years. Everything I expected and more. Thank you!!

    Brian J.
  • Hi Angela, I just got back to my house and found my boards waiting at the door. I cannot seem to stop sayimg WOW!!!. Thank you so much for your help, my compliments to the wonderful artisans who work at the Cutting Board Gallery, you do beautiful work. I keep looking at them trying to figure out how you can get such beautiful perfection from many small pieces of wood. They look great in my kitchen as I knew they would.

    They were definitely worth the wait and I will be ordering more in different sizes soon.

    Thanks again, Carol G.
  • -- thanks. we really love the boards.
  • Received and BEAUTIFUL.
    Diane P.
  • Thank you,
    my new cutting board is awesome... it's even bigger than the last one : ) I am the envy of all my friends.
    I will be looking for the conditioner and oil and...
    Thanks again,
    Ken S.
  • email: wow!!! thank you.
    the great board is worth waiting for... I LOVE the look of the one Giada uses...so rich and beautiful. keep me posted! thanks again! J. Weisser
  • email: Board came today, it's stunning!
  • email: AMAZING quality and INSANELY beautiful butcher block! Totally worth the wait! I will buy from you guys again and will wait any amount of time because you guys don't mess around. I love the butcher block and I'm going to order some oil and wax soon. Thanks for everything Angela, T. Nicholson
  • email: Angela OMG! The board is absolutely georgeous!!!  Thank you sooo much. It was well worth the wait! M. Etcheverry
  • email: I love your boards on TV. I googled to find out who made the boards I saw on my favorite Food Network shows. I can't wait to get mine. Thanks! C. Massie
  • email: Angela, the new board arrived today, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for working with us on this. It is perfect. I will wait for the return label for the first board now that we have this one. Again, your customer service was superb. I will HIGHLY recommend Ozarkwest. You stand behind what you sell. gratefully, beth
  • email: Angela – just checking on the order I placed in November/December…please tell me its on its way…been looking forward to this, believe it or not…got to get this Boos Block off my counter. Thanks - Walker
  • email: oh good to hear from you. i've appreciated the way you have taken care of us--happy holidays to you and your family (we ADORE the cutting board!!) best tv
  • email: Angela, thanks, I received my cutting board today and it is beautiful. Thank you, E Culley
  • email: omg yes, i totally was about to email you today and slipped my mind, YES i got them, they are the most beautiful pieces of kitchen equipment i have ever seen, you truly have an amazing product, I have the other 2 shipping now, they will get to Ireland by wednesday which is perfect for the show as i start shooting on Friday next week. As soon as i get home, i will take some lovely photos and send you some. We are going to also have a professional photographer on site too so i will take some really nice ones for you. Thank you so much again, i will help you out in anyway i can. Stuart
  • email: Angela: As you promised, my board arrived today. Thank you very much. You didn't lie. It IS beautiful, and I know I'm going to enjoy having and using it. Thank you also for the cheese board. It was not necessary, but very much appreciated. It's going to come in handy for a small wine tasting gathering that I'm planning in a month or so. So sorry that we had a bit of a bump in our transaction last week. I've been seriously burned with some online orders in the past, and it makes me super wary and cautious now. I hope things get better and easier for you with your mom, etc., and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the Shark Tank show. You make a great product and I know your business will flourish. Best to you, and thanks again. Kate
  • email: Hi Angela, I just wanted to send a big thank you for getting the chopping board to us last Saturday. We're now back in London and the board enjoyed overhead compartment accommodation on the flight (I wouldn't let my husband check it or put it in a suitcase!), and is now taking a very prominent place in our kitchen on our center island! We absolutely love it! Thanks again for your special assistance in getting it to us! Sincerely Julie
  • email: I got the cutting board today. It's really beautiful. Much more than you can see in the photos. Thank you. Bret
  • email: Hi Angela, I did receive the 16" x 20" cutting board yesterday, it is simply beautiful! In fact I liked it so much I'll just go ahead and purchase the 18" x 22" too if that's okay. Thanks! Colin
  • email: Hi Angela, Yowzers what a gorgeous hunk of wood. !! Thanks so much! The gal that works for me was amazed, it was so smooth. I LOVE it. Thanks again, Sheri
  • email: Angela. The board looks great! Mom loves it! I'm home from the 21st to the 23rd of this month. Any chance of receiving the other items around the 21st? Hope your mom is doing better. John
  • Email received by happy customer on 2-21-10: Angela, we have had the best selling huge "name brand" maple board (the one shown with the name upside down on the Food Network) as well as a very large, thick, expensive bamboo board. NEITHER of those boards comes nearly close to this walnut end cut chopping board. The bamboo just seemed to fight back when the knife hit it with a "clack, clack, clack" and the huge maple board was simply just adequate, but still hollow sounding. It's hard to explain. But I often wondered what that beautiful, dark board I saw on so many Food Network shows was. Now, I know and I know why it is so often chosen by their stars. This walnut end grain board actually seems to aid in holding the food where it is placed when chopping. And the knives seem very, very happy when they meet the board. Nice solid, beautiful sound. The cutting marks do not show nearly as badly as on either of the others, and the color is awesomely dark and beautiful. FIRST PLACE in Show!!!!!!! This walnut end cut board is an integral part of prep work used everyday. If its a splurge for some of your customers, they will think that only for a second when they receive it! It is money well spent for years and years of service to come!!!! It is an item on which skimping is not a good idea for the amount of use it will get. Beautiful, solid performance. Again, thank you so very much for this new and wonderful experience in prep work!!! AWESOME!!!!! From one who KNOWS and craves perfection in everything! M. Johnston
  • email: Apologies for not writing sooner, Angela. What an incredible product! We could not be more happy. Please add us to what I'm sure is a very lengthy list of satisfied customers! Many thanks, Scott
  • email: Dear Angela and all: We are so impressed with the absolute quality of our large end grain walnut chopping board! The smoothness of it is simply silky! Thank everyone involved as the lasting and obvious quality is a beauty to behold and have forever! We are more than satisfied with the board and are so very happy that we ordered it! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Marilyn
  • email: Hello, the 16x20 was a hit with the birthday girl! Also, I decided to keep the 12x16 for myself. I just couldn’t give it up! Thank you for all your help and for getting the larger cutting board to us on time! You have been terrific to work with. Take care, Linda
  • email: Hi Angela, I just wanted to let you know that I received my new cutting board today, and I must say was extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship. It was certainly worth the wait! I look forward to using it for many years to come. Thank you, Lisa
  • email: Hi Angela, It's beautiful. Thanks. Hollis
  • email: Emily received the cutting board prior to Christmas. It was SO beautiful!!! Thank you so much for making my daughter VERY happy. Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! Alice
  • email: Angela, We received the board and it is beautiful. My wife absolutely loves it. Thank you, Randy
  • email: Hi Angela, My end-grain cherry cutting board arrived yesterday. It is exquisite in its beauty and craftsmanship. Who knew something so important to a serious cook could also be a work of art. Thanks to those who made it with such skill and passion for their craft. B. Staiger
  • email: Hi Angela, Just wanted to let you know that I received the cutting board right in time for the party on Sat. Thanks so much for expediting this, I really appreciate it. It looks beautiful. Regards, Jennifer
  • email: Thank you for shipping the new cutting board. It arrived last Friday, it is perfect and love it. L. Eddings
  • email: The beautiful board arrived today and I love it! Thank you Angela! C. Bustos
  • email: Thank you Angela. Am enjoying the new board and thank you for the small cutting board too! B. Haden
  • email: I can not tell you enough how much I LOVE my end-grain cherry cutting board! Even after a year and a half of use, it is as beautiful (if not more) than the day I received it! What a beautiful thing to pass to my children someday! Christie
  • Comment on New Order: We love the two boards we bought recently so much that we decided to buy two more. C. Valente
  • Comment on New Order: LOVE MY CUTTING BOARD!!!! S. Ashworth
  • email: Hi Angela: My beautiful boards arrived this morning. They're perfect for my new kitchen. Thanks a million. J. Fox
  • email: Hi Angela, I got my oak cutting board and I have to say I LOVE IT!!!!! It is just the most beautiful thing. I use it every day and I now have the room to chop everything without it falling off the board. I am so proud of it. Thanks again. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again in the future. J. McDaniel
  • email: Angela, Received my new cutting board last week. It is beautiful!! It adds a wonderful richness to my kitchen. Thank you for the incredible craftsmanship. B. DeGraw
  • email: Hi Angela, Just wanted to drop you a note. I received my board and it is beautiful! It was definitely worth the wait. Regards, R. Ryan
  • email: Hi Rick, thanks for a great looking cutting board. It's more than a board it's a piece of art. B. Callander
  • email: I’ve enclosed a copy of my electronic receipt from Ozark west showing my purchase of a cutting board with some wood conditioner… I was wondering if there is any way to expedite the shipment of the conditioner so I can use it on my current Ozark West Cutting board.. My wife purchased this board for me for Christmas of ’08 and I absolutely adore it. I would like to treat it with your conditioner, but it seems it is being held until the construction of my new, smaller board is made by Paul. Please if there is any way to go ahead and ship the conditioner I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for the outstanding cutting board. D Abram
  • email: I just wanted you to know how much I love the cutting board that I purchased from you!! I love the walnut color and most of all the quality shows- soooo worth the wait!! Karen
  • email: Hi Angela, I received my cutting board today!!!! I love it and the craftsmanship is awesome, it is so beautiful. Will it be okay to use sharp cutting knives (GLOBAL) on my new cutting board? I don't want to ruin it. Please let me know. Thank you very much for all your help and I look forward to telling all my friends about my NEW Ozark West cutting board!!! Thank You, Louisa
  • email: Dear Mr. Odea, I love my new endgrain board. I couldn't believe how hard and true it was when I opened it. It was smoother than smooth and I was reluctant to make my first cuts. But I have and it's performing very well. Sincerely, Matt
  • email: Hi, I'm Tami Stonestreet in Kosciusko, MS. I received my cutting board yesterday, November 13. WOW!! It's beautiful!! It was well worth the wait. The craftmanship is excellent. I will most certainly recommend this product to all who love a gorgeous piece of workmanship. Thanks!!!
  • email: Angela, I have received the spoons...they are beautiful! I am going to recommend your company to all of my friends. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again, Marcella
  • email: Thank you guys! Just want to let you know that is is the best gift I got and I absolutely love this cutting board. T. Syed
  • email: Angela, Hi there! My name is Jeanie Thorburn, I am the person who came to your house in March to pick out a cutting board for my husband. He absolutely loves it. Thank you for letting me come to your home and showing me how the boards are made. Sincerely, Jeanie
  • email: Hi, Angela. My boards arrived today.....they are even more beautiful than the internet makes them look. I have just put them into the kitchen where they liven up the place and make me very, very happy! Thanks for the care and love you all put into your creations. We hope to order from you again. Take good care and thanks again for the works of art. Peg
  • email: Dear Angela and Rick, I just received the walnut cutting board. What a beauty! I wish my father were still around to see it. He was an amateur wood worker and would have loved this. I will enjoy this for many years. Thank you. Best regards, A. Camacho
  • email: Thanks. As so many of the testimonials read, it was worth the wait. I love it and it is beautiful. R. Chapman
  • email: Hi Angie, We received the package with the lazy Susan, the spoon, and the cutting board. We just love it all. We are VERY impressed with the work. Next time I need a gift for someone, I'm ordering from you. M. Abrams
  • email: We rec'd our cutting board today and it is stunning! Just beautiful.. Well worth the wait. I am grateful that I didn't order from somewhere else. Thank you for such amazing craftsmanship--I can't wait to use it. Jennifer G.
  • email: YES!!!!!! It was worth the wait!! What an amazing piece of wood and woodwork. I will definitely be asking for other items for special occasions. Thank you (and my husband) for one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received. V. Brill
  • email: Hi Angela, thank you for getting back to me so quickly...I'm looking forward ot receiving the other two boards..I've been using the big one and it really is so beautiful....thanks so much! Best regards, M. Larkin
  • email: Hello, we received the cutting board today and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I think we will be so happy with it. It has a slicker surface than I expected! Thank you, K. Barto
  • email: Thank you for such a wonderful work of art and craftsmanship. I just receive my lovely 16" x 20" walnut end grain cutting board. It is awesome and so beautiful!! Beware! I'll be ordering the smaller one soon! It is definitely something I will enjoy using for years to come. Nothing I've seen like it anywhere compares!! Regards, J. Sanders
  • email: Hi Angela, I picked up the new cutting board today. It's PERFECT! I truly appreciate your patience in dealing with my "type A" personality. I haven't given it to my Mom yet but I can assure you she'll be happy. Please thank Rick for me. Excellent job. I'll keep in touch, Joe
  • email: I just got my cutting board today and I have to say I LOVE IT. It is the most gorgeous wood, style and cut I've seen yet! I'm just writing to say how much I appreciate the time you put into each item that is made. Thank You-R. Morse
  • email: Angela & Rick, I received my cutting board yesterday. It is incredible. Rick, you are a true craftsman! I almost hate to use it. I've always had an appreciation for fine woodwork but this piece is a real beauty. Hopefully, it will stay in our family for many years to come. Thanks again, T. Adams
  • email: Hi Angela, received the board today. Oh my! I have never owned anything so beautiful for my kitchen. You were right, well worth waiting for. It has a few light (powdery) areas. I suppose it is the nature of the wood. In any case thank you. I love it so much I don't even want to cut on it...Beverly
  • email: Hi, Angela. I received the walnut end-grain cutting board yesterday, and it is spectacular. I wanted the great look I see on Tyler's Ultimate, and this walnut board has made my kitchen. The sound, the feel, the beauty - just incomparable. I'm so glad I resisted buying a cheaper board from someone else. Also, this was an extremely fast delivery. I received the board in seven days, even with a holiday weekend in the middle. Within an hour of receiving it, I was using this board and enjoying it. Seven days ago, I was deciding whether to buy it. I'm so glad I did. Melinda
  • email: Received the utensils yesterday. They are beautiful. Thank you. Ed
  • email: Hi Angela! We finally delivered Jason's fine cutting board to him over the weekend and he was deeeeeelighted! He LOVES IT!!! What a beautiful work of art. We ALL marveled at the workmanship and he's so proud of it. Thank you for wrapping it so beautifully and for attaching the card, too. My husband gave him a really good knife as one of his gifts for Christmas and the cutting board and knife are a pair now. The cutting board has "center stage" on the kitchen island. It has been nice corresponding with you, Angela. Never met you but I almost feel as though we're friends just from e-mailing you. Take care, and have a wonderful year, and if we need another "fine" cutting board we know where we can find one. :-) Peggy
  • email: Thanks...I received my walnut cutting board from you a few months ago, and I have not used it yet. It is proudly displayed on our counter, but I haven't been able to find any food grade mineral oil anywhere, and now that I live in Italy, there is no chance of finding any. When I get the wood treatment from you, I will be able to finally use my new board! Kent
  • email: Glad you received it, oh by the way my mother absolutely loves her board. Nicole
  • email: I received my cutting board yesterday! It is absolutely amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Thank you!!! A. Ikenberry
  • email: The cherry cutting board arrived and is beautiful. Thank you for the wooden paddle. It is almost too pretty to use! B. Woods
  • Comment section on new order form: My wife LOVED her walnut end grain cutting board. Thank you! S. Hummel
  • email:That is for me Angela. I am left handed, wife is right handed. By the way, my walnut cutting board, which is the same board I see on Giada's show, is one of the best things I ever bought. It took some time to get but my knives love it. By the way, my knives are ambidextrous. E. Simpson
  • email: Hi Angela, I wanted to let you know that I received my cutting board yesterday, love, love, love. It is almost too beautiful to use. Please tell Rick how much I appreciate his workmanship. J. Carroll
  • email: I received the cutting board and it was worth it's wait. It is the best,excellent craftsmanship I have ever seen. It has a great finish!! Do you sell the product for the up keep for the board?? If so how much is it??? Thank you again:-) L. Seegers
  • email: Dear Angela, the cherry cutting board arrived late yesterday afternoon and is just lovely. I used it in preparing dinner last evening. Thank you so much for everything. You are right, it is worth the wait. I am sure others will want to know where I got it and I will certainly refer them. Again, thank you. S. King
  • email: Angela, I wanted to let you know my wife received her cutting board yesterday and love it!! It was definitely worth the wait. She is telling all her friends so I think you can expect many more orders from Washington DC, and northern Virginia soon. Best, Scott
  • email: Angela, Thanks for the update. We love our cutting board. Well worth any wait. Michael
  • email: Hi Angela, Just wanted to let you know that I received my cutting board yesterday & I am so thrilled! It was definitely worth waiting for. I can see why you guys have more orders than you can handle! Thanks & best of luck! H. James
  • email: hi angela -- cutting board received today......looks beautiful! feels smoother than a baby's butt (and i should know--i'm an obstetrician). thanks ever so much....looking forward to good use. Dr. Field (home chef and baking whiz)
  • email: Hi Angela, thank you. I got the spoon today and am THRILLED! I love it. I even placed another order. Thanks a bunch. Kristen
  • email: Hi Angela, We received the board. It is absolutely gorgeous and my husband loves it! Thank you very much! Nancy
  • email: Hi Angela. The cutting board has arrived and it is beautiful! It was worth the wait. Even my husband said that. Thanks Again, Pat
  • email: Angela, the board came yesterday and it is beautiful. It was worth the wait. My only suggestion would be that in the future Rick should consider signing and dating them as they are truly a works of art that I will pass along to my daughter in the future. I'll be ordering a chopping block in the near future and some of your care solutions as well. Thanks again for this beautiful piece of art!!! Kevin
  • email: We received our cutting board today, and it looks great! Well worth the wait. Thanks, Mike
  • email: Received Lazy Susan. Beautiful. Thank you. ~ Karen
  • email: Hi Angela, Thank you so much for this Gorgeous board! I think the mesquite/walnut combo is my favorite! Best regards, C. Bustos
  • email: Hi Angela, I received the board and it is beautiful. Thanks so much. Donna
  • email: Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I received my cutting boart today & I love it. It's quite beautiful & worth the wait. Thanks so much. A. Johnson
  • email: WOW, we love it, well worth the wait...............Thanks, J. DeTemple
  • email: Just got it. Absolutely beautiful. Well worth the wait. Everyone at work here wants it. Do you sell the mineral oil stuff that you are supposed to use monthly? Gregg
  • email: Just wanted you to know that I LOVE the cutting boards. I am so excited to receive them. They are so beautiful and well worth the wait. Thank you so very much, M. Summerford
  • email: Hello, Just got the Cutting Board. It is fabulous!!! The workmanship is outstanding. Please tell Rick it is beautiful. Mary Beth
  • email: The boards arrived! They're lovely! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to ship with USPS; it made it affordable for me. Kathryn
  • email: Hello! We received our cutting board this week. Beautiful work you do! I was just curious if you recommend applying the oil prior to first use, or if it has been treated and shouldn't be necessary yet. Thanks Again. We love it...Worth the wait! Just gorgeous! Connie
  • email: I just received my board... Oh My God! It is soooo beautiful...It was so worth the wait... Thank you so very much. My daughters and I will cherish it... S. Coles
  • email: It's beautiful. Tell Rick he did a lovely job. Thank you, I. Leonard
  • email: Angela, The cutting board and utensils arrived today and it was worth the wait it. All are fantastic and top quality wood and craftsmanship. Thanks Bill
  • email: Got it and I love it! Thanks so much for the quick responses and the great service. Angelina
  • email: Thank you Angela! It arrived today and it's beautiful! Alan
  • email: Order received, worth the wait, love my spoons!! Thanks Diane
  • email: Just wanted to let you know that Elisabeth is thrilled with her cutting board. To quote her: "It's sooo beautiful! I love love love it!". Thank you so much. I can't wait to see it myself! Nancy
  • email: I received the cutting board. It is beautiful. My daughter will be so happy when I give it to her today. Thank you for keeping me informed about delivery etc. The board is worth the wait. E. Welch
  • email: WOW!!! And I do mean WOW!!! The board arrived today, and my wife (and I!) are extremely happy! She says its too pretty to use, so we are thinking of just hanging it on the wall. (just kidding). It really is beautiful, and exceeded my expectations. Rick does really nice work.
  • email: Angela, I wanted to tell you the cutting board arrived on Friday, and my wife absolutely loves it. She says it is the most beautiful board she has ever seen. Andrew
  • email: Got my board today- took a while but it is beautiful!!!!! B. Butcher
  • email: Hi Angela, Received my Jessicas today. They are beautiful, thank you. Janet
  • email: Hi Angela, I received the board last week and it is gorgeous. It is going to be a gift so I will need to store it for several months. Anything special I need to do for storing it? Thanks for any advice. N. Symons
  • email: Angela, The cutting board has arrived and it is GRRRRREAT. The MS. loves it. We are completing the building of a new house and she wanted the board to go with her cabinets and the American Walnut hardwood flooring we are installing. You did your job, it matches perfectly. Thanks for a job well done. F. Martin
  • email: Thanks for the board. It's beautiful. N. Bevilacqua
  • email: Hey Angela, The cutting board is here and it is beautiful...a piece of art. My wife and I love it. Thank you very much. G. Duncan
  • email: I just received my cutting board today. It was well worth the wait. It is a work of art and I absolutely love it. Now, I am afriad to mark it up by using it! Thanks again. P. Johnson
  • email: Hi Angela, Received my Jessicas today. They are beautiful, thank you. Janet
  • email: Hi Angela, I recieved the board today and it is beautiful! It is already hanging on the kitchen wall and will definitely get used a lot! Thanks again! C. Halpin
  • email: Dear Angela and Rick, The cutting board arrived yesterday. Wow! It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, and the workmanship was flawless. Many, many thanks! J. Harbert
  • email: Angela, I just received my cutting board/work of art! Thank you very much, and please relay my thanks to Rick. It is absolutely beautiful and I know I will get many, many years of use out of it. C. Block
  • email: Just picked it up from the post office....it is beautiful----too nice to use! (it was an extra $58 customs something) so I had better use it.. Thanks it is great.. F. Baird
  • email: Hi Angela, I received an 18x22 Walnut board from you last week and LOVE it! So much that I would like to order the same one for my friend's wedding gift. If I were to place the order tomorrow, when do you think the board would be completed? Thanks! E. Blunck
  • email: I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the lazy susan. It is beautiful!!! It is a perfect compliment to the dinner table. Thank you-Joyce and Chris
  • email: Angela and Rick, Just received the cutting board--it is beautiful, as are the utensils. It fits perfect and doesn't stick out against my new dark granite like my Boos board did. It is really a beautiful piece of art for my kitchen. Thank you, Sherri
  • email: Ms Angela, I received my cutting board yesterday & all I can say is that was worth the wait!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have never seen anything like it. Mr. Rick does awesome work!!! I just wanted to drop y'all a line to let you know how pleased I am with it! Keep up the good work! Thanks so Much! D. McKnight
  • email: Angela, I received the salad set of utensils. They are exquisite. Thanks so much for having such a beautiful set of wood serving accessories for me to purchase. They will go absolutely beautiful with a small maple salad bowl set I have had for years. Thank you for the careful shipping, the superb correspondence on all this order. You have answered everything and taken care of the order beautifully. I am pleased I ran across you shop. Thank your husband for me. Have a nice Fall season. H. Marlowe
  • email: Hi Angela, Just wanted you to know I have my cutting board. It was here when I got home from work today and boy do I love it. It's more than I hoped for. I made a big salad for dinner with lots of fresh vegetables. I love the sound of the knife when it hits the board. Don't worry I will take very good care of it. Thank you and your husband so much. Also, the size is just perfect for me. Best always, M. Bates
  • email: Angela, I should have e-mailed you sooner. I got my boards on Wednesday! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I know I will enjoy using them. Thanks so much! R. Boyd
  • email: Hello Angela, 9-7-06 Just wanted to let you know that I received my Cutting Board and I have to say "LOVE< LOVE< LOVE"!!!! Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. J. Stachler
  • email: Rick I recieved my cutting board... you are a true master craftsman.....Its BEAUTIFUL... Thanks again, D. Webb
  • email: Dear Angela, I just received the 5 small cutting boards! They are fantastic, I love them and I can't wait to have the new ones.... L. Baumer
  • email: Angela, I am very pleased with my utensils!! It was well worth the wait!!! They almost look to good to use. Thank you very much. I’ll really enjoy using them. M. Shuff
  • email: Thank you. The board is beautiful! Regards, Susan
  • email: Angela, received the board yesterday. It was worth the wait! Thx. Phil
  • email: Just received the cutting board today and it's beautiful... thanks very much! M. Zenko
  • email: Angela, I have received the cutting board. It's beautiful. Somehow I didn't connect that you folks were in Tucson...I was just there last weekend and could have picked it up. Regardless, it's beautiful and I'm really looking forward to using it. Thanks, Mike
  • email: Dear Angela, Just to let you know - my husband and I are having a new love affair - with our board!!! Still loving it!!! L. and M. Muelle
  • email: Hi, just thought I would send you an email letting you know I recievied my spoons and I love them and look forward to using them. I am so glad I found you. Thank you again. S. Thompson
  • email: Rick and Angela, Betsy got her new board yesterday and was quite pleased and just a little excited – although she is determined to not use it – just look at it. We are very impressed with the workmanship; it was well worth the wait. I guess I’ll have to slice the first tomato to get things going. The beautiful board is just the thing to relieve some of the drudgery of cooking after a long day at the office. Thanks so much. D. TerAvest
  • emailI just wanted you to know that I love my utensils!!!!! Thanks! Judie
  • email: Hi Angela, Wow! What a beautiful board, you were absolutely right! Thank you so much for the birds eye spoon also. I am so delighted, this board will become a family heirloom! Then again, I am sure both grown daughters will be begging for their own boards very soon.......! Looking forward to the next order. Thanks so much. C. Bustos
  • email: Hi Angela, My cutting board arrived this morning, and I am thrilled with it. It's almost too pretty to use. I think I will admire it a while. Please tell your husband how happy I am with it. Thanks again. Regards, Pat
  • email: Dear Angela, The new pasta fork arrived, and it is lovely. It's an amazingly exact copy of the original fork. Thank you so very much for replacing the broken fork! I'll recommend your products, your friendly service, and your website to my friends. L. Miller
  • email: Angela, the Board came and it is just super! It is a great addition to our new home. The other products we purchased from you get a lot of praise from our guests. Your firm gets great reviews and I must say you give renewed meaning to the phrase “Made in the USA”. G. Peters
  • email: Just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying the board. It is gorgeous! A. Hoger
  • email: I received my shipment today and everything is beautiful. I know that I am going to enjoy each and every piece that I purchased from you. Your spoons, the skillet and cutting board are so unique and much prettier than anything you can purchase at any store I have been to. Again, thanks. L. McCowan
  • email: Dear Angela, I had to write and add in my testimonial. All of the items I have received I just adore they have a signature all there own and a special character in each and every piece that is made. I thank Rick for his wonderful talent and love that goes into each and every piece and to you Angela for being his partner in the business with a wonderful personality that you bring to your customer and makes it so easy to place the orders. You are an incredible team and that's what makes your business so successful. Your loyal customer, Cindy
  • email: OMG! I just rec'd my Walnut bread board from you and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I don't know if I can actually use it to cut up bread on as it may blemish that beautiful smooth finish!! I'm am so happy about this purchase. I will be back for more soon as I've decided I would like to order the larger size in this board and who knows what else. This is just wonderful....thanks so much! C. Honsa
  • email: Thank you so much for your email and quick response. I never would have guessed you guys were a "mom and pop" business, given how beautifully your website is laid out (even compared to some others I've seen for large companies) and the fabulous exposure you've had on the food network. Knowing it's just you and your husband working your magic in Arizona makes the board even more special! K. Harrington
  • email: Angela, I received the board yeaterday afternoon. It's beautiful, I love it! Thanks, have a great day! P. Prussel
  • email: Hi Angela, I received the cutting board yesterday...it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! It is so beautiful I don't want to use it! (but I will, of course!) I will be in touch because I want to purchase some wooden spoons. Thanks so much! K. Michael
  • email: Hi Angela, I received the walnut cutting board today. It's beautiful! Thanks, V. Langston
  • email: My cutting board arrived today and it's absolutely GORGEOUS (so much so that, I'm not sure I want to cut on it!). R. Webb
  • email: The board just arrived and it is beautiful. Thanks again! J. Miller
  • email: Angela, just a note about my cutting board. I LOVE IT! Steve
  • email: Angela, just wanted to let you know how much I loved the cutting board. Even my husband noticed it and he doesn't pay attention to much! He's been showing it to everyone who comes over! J. Schuessler
  • email: I recieved my cutting board today and its GORGEOUS. So beautiful I thought I must write and tell you. Thank you so much...Merry Christmas...R. Ritchey
  • email: Dear Angela, Happy New Year. I received my package last night. What a joy. Everything is glorious. Please share that thought with your husband. I'm so glad his hand is better. Thanks again, Kay
  • Yahoo Feedback: This cutting board is so beautiful I don't want to use it! I can't believe the quality of this board. Thank you!! P. Pelletier
  • Yahoo Feedback: Products are absolutely beautiful! R. Webb
  • Yahoo Feedback: This walnut cutting board is a beautiful piece of workmanship. I have really never seen anything like it. Im very happy with this item. I will continue shopping with Ozark West for other beautiful items. Thank you. Sincerly, M. Schaer

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